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The Good Wife

Title: The Good Wife
Characters/Pairing: Remus Lupin/Nymphadora Tonks
Story Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~600
Summary: "Nymphadora…” he slurred. “You look quite dykish tonight! Purple, spiky hair. What the hell, Dora? You know I like it longer…darker. What’re you playing at?” His words were no surprise; nine out of ten times he got drunk, he came home to abuse and insult her. She wanted to defend herself against him, but she couldn’t.
Warnings/Notes: I wrote this for  snegurochka_lee's Least Favourite Character/Pairing Drabble/Drawble & Ficlet Challenge over at IJ. I got a little carried away, both with the content and with the word count. Seriously, this is hardcore. Be warned.  

Comments are always appreciated.  Feel free to join the community if you haven't already and you're interested. 

Fic: Power

Title: Power
Characters/Pairing: Remus Lupin/Sirius Black, James Potter
Story Rating: R
Word Count: ~5,160
Summary:  What is compromise? Is it when you do something for somebody else? Is it when somebody else does something for you? Is it a bargain, a deal, something you share? Is it helping someone else, while taking something away from you? Does it help you or hurt you? Or is compromising just something friends or lovers need to do to keep each other happy?
Warnings:  Slash and making a fool out of one's self, performed by Sirius Black.  Oh and angst/fluff/hurt-comfort/FLUFF
Notes:  This is one of my oldest stories, and because I'm going to try to archive all of my old (and halfway-decent) fics here, I decided to post this one first.  Here it is, hope you enjoy it!  (And be careful that the fluff doesn't kill you xD)

Comments are always appreciated.


Welcome to my new community, where you'll find every story I write and/or have written.  If you're here because I've invited you, chances are you're a slash fan just like me.  If you're not a slash fan, I suggest you leave right now.   Further more, everyone is invited to join this community, but I strongly suggest that if you're under 18, you do NOT read any of the NC-17 stories in this journal.  Thank you for your cooperation, now onto the ficcing! 


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