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boxfics's Journal

Fan Fictions from teh Box of Honesty
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Harry Potter Fan Fiction by tehhonestybox
Welcome to my new community, where you'll find every story I write and/or have written. If you're here because I've invited you, chances are you're a slash fan just like me. If you're not a slash fan, I suggest you leave right now. Further more, everyone is invited to join this community, but I strongly suggest that if you're under 18, you do NOT read any of the NC-17 stories in this journal. Thank you for your cooperation, now onto the ficcing!

Ships you might see written here:


1. Remus/Severus
2. Remus/Sirius
3. Sirius/Severus
4. James/Sirius
5. Sirius/Regulus
6. James/Regulus
7. Severus/Regulus
8. Remus/Regulus
9. WOW OKAY just take all of the boys from the MWPP era (minus the W) and there you have my slash ships.


...Well honestly, you'll barely find any het here, but there will probably be women in some of the stories. And if I ever do a threesome/moresome fic, you might get to see a girl. But other than that, it's reall not likely.

So there you have it! If you have any requests for me, feel free to let me know. I'd love to experiment with different characters and pairings (and maybe even some non-slash *gasp*). So just let me know if you have anything you want me to write and I'll see what I can do.

Oh and BY THE WAY, everything here belongs to ME unless otherwise stated, so please do not steal anything. I might have to hurt you, and you wouldn't want that. Feel free, however to ENJOY the stories, because I'm writing for YOU. Thanks :]